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Using the ShopBot CNC Router

The ShopBot CNC Router allows you to cut and engrave wood and other materials using a computer controlled router. The design to be cut or engraved is drawn on a computer and the sent to the ShopBot CNC Router. ShopBot recommends using their program called PartWizard to draw your designs but any vector based computer graphics program can be user.


The Sawdust Shop has a computer connected to the ShopBot for your use. This computer is loaded with Corel Draw, ShopBot's PartWizard and all necessary ShopBot Drivers. You have three options for using thr CNC Router with your design.
  • You can use The Sawdust Shop computer to draw your designs
  • Draw your designs on your own computer and transfer them to The Sawdust Shop computer
  • Bring your own laptop computer and connect it to the ShopBot directly.
Details about transferring files or using your own laptop can be found on the FAQ page.

Pricing and Time Limits

Free Tool TimeAdditional Tool Time
12 Month Member2 hrs/wk$15/hr
6 Month Member2 hrs/wk$15/hr
Weekday Member2 hrs/wk$15/hr
30-day MemberNone$15/hr
10-hour MemberNone$25/hr
Day pass and single hourNone$60/hr

The ShopBot CNC Router is intended for non-commercial use. This basically means we don’t want you using it to mass produce items that you then sell, or use it to start your on side business as a sign maker or cabinet shop.

Orientation Classes
Prior to using the ShopBot you must take an orientation class. This class is free and is offered on a regular basis. The class will describe the basic use of the ShopBot, how to setup your material in the ShopBot, what materials can be cut, and basics on how to send files from the computer to the ShopBot. Click here to sign-up for an orientation class.

Reserving Time
Due to high demand for the ShopBot you must reserve your time on the ShopBot CNC Router. Click here to reserve your time slot.