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Wood Carving for Beginners

In this class you will learn basic wood carving techniques and have the opportunity to hands-on practice with these techniques.

Class topics will include:
  • Description of tools: chisels, gouges, & "V" tools
  • Hold down strategies: workbench, vises, holdfasts, etc.
  • Sharpening: Grinders, stones, strops
  • Finding materials: cost, sources
  • Wood prep: Dimensioning, seasoning
  • Layout: patterns, designs, subtractive sculpture methods
  • Waste removal: hogging off, tools used, splitting out
  • Carving: mallet work, hand carving techniques, reading grain

This class is now being offered on a 1-on-1 basis. Please call The Sawdust Shop at 408-992-1004 to schedule a class.
Skill Level :Beginner
Instructor :Bernie Ross
Class Size :6
Tuition :$100
Nov 15
12:30pm-4pmReserve space in this class
12:30pm-4pmReserve space in this class

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