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Pens I: Turning Beautiful Pens

Are you looking for an easy, fun woodturning experience? Perhaps you want to make pens for yourself or as gifts. Or maybe you're looking for woodworking projects you can do at home with your kids. Well, if you'd like to get started in pen making, come join us. You'll make one or two pens during the class, so you'll see the process from cutting blanks to applying the finish. Additionally, you'll have a chance to experiment with decorative techniques that can set your pens apart as something special. No turning experience? This class is for you. Pens are a great way to try the fast and exciting process of woodturning. You'll see your project take shape in minutes, and you'll bring home a pen that's ready to use.

What students are saying about this class

Learned a great skill

Phil was extremely encouraging

Phil is very organized and has a clear vision of presenting material

My pen was easy to make and the Phil made sure I did it right

Phil is awesome!

Phil is doing his passion and it shows

Skill Level :Beginner
Instructor :Phil Roybal
Class Size :6
Tuition :$95
Jul 20
6pm-9:30pmReserve space in this class
Sept 7
6pm-9:30pmReserve space in this class
Nov 17
6pm-9:30pmReserve space in this class

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